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May-August 2019| Vol 3| Issue 2

Original Article

Clinical profile comparison of cisatracurium and rocuronium in elective surgery

Background: Most surgeries are carried out with ease using neuromuscular blocking agents. This study was aimed to compare the intubating dose of cisatracurium and rocuronium regarding the ons...

Original Article

Estimation of surgical blood loss and transfusion requirements in orthopedic soft tissue tumor surgery

Background: Over half of soft tissue tumor surgeries require intraoperative packed red cell (PRC) transfusion. Several factors that can be identified in the preoperative period have been asso...

Original Article

The effect of contralateral head rotation on the internal jugular vein to carotid artery distance and overlap ratio

Introduction: Carotid artery puncture during central venous catheter (CVC) insertion could lead to serious complication if there were an overlapping of internal jugular vein (IJV) and carotid...

Original Article

The effectivity of earplug utilization to reduce emergence delirium incidence in pediatric patients undergoing inhalational general anesthesia

Background: Emergence delirium (ED) also known as emergence agitation, is a postoperative condition characterized by aberrant cognitive and psychomotor behaviors such as agitation, irritable,...

Original Article

Characteristics of patients requiring non-invasive ventilation in pediatric intensive care unit

Background: Non-invasive ventilation (NIV) has become an essential tool in the treatment of both acute and chronic respiratory failure in children. This study aimed to determine the efficacy ...

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