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Current Issue

January-April 2019| Vol 3| Issue 1

Original Article

Co-administration of dexmedetomidine and levobupivacaine results in better onset and duration of epidural anesthesia in lower extremity orthopedic surgery

Background: The goal of this study is to know the efficacy of the addition of 0.5 mcg/kg dexmedetomidine to 15 mL isobaric 0.5% levobupivacaine on the onset and duration of sensory and mo...

Original Article

The relationship between nutritional status based on nutritional risk index (NRI) and length of stay of digestive surgery patients

Background: Malnutrition is a common concomitant illness that can be found in digestive surgery patients. The risk of malnutrition in digestive surgery patients is often overlooked even thoug...

Original Article

The ultrasonic cardiac output monitor (USCOM) as a tool in evaluating fluid responsiveness in pediatric patients underwent emergency surgery

Background: Assessment fluid adequacy in pediatric patients underwent surgery is a challenge for anesthesiologists. Hemodynamic parameters used as fluid monitoring sometimes don't accurately pro...

Review Article

The role of endothelial glycocalyx in sepsis

The surface of endothelial cells is filled with various membrane-bound molecules that form the glycocalyx. The endothelial glycocalyx is a surface layer mainly consisted of glycosaminoglycans that i...

Special Report

Minimally invasive pain management in chronic musculoskeletal pain: A Community service at Blahkiuh I Health Center

Pain is a common complaint found in the population. Inadequate knowledge about pain management is the most common reason that triggers the inadequate management of pain. Pharmacological pain managem...

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